Starry Sky by Action camera

In fact, sports cameras can also take good-looking photos. The above photo of the starry sky were taken with an action camera. So what are the specific steps?
1. First of all, to shoot the starry sky, you need to choose a place without light pollution, and then check today's stargazing index on the weather website and stargazing app.Prepare a tripod is required.

2. After arriving at the shooting location, after clamping the action camera to the tripod, first use the normal photo mode to test the exposure and composition, and then we adjust the settings to the manual exposure mode, recommending Exposure:20 seconds, ISO: 6400, white balance: 3200, After finding a satisfactory composition and exposure, to shoot a star trail video, we switch to the still time-lapse mode, adjust the exposure to the previously recommended setting(Exposure:20 seconds, ISO: 6400, white balance: 3200), and then set the parameters in the still time-lapse mode, the interval is 25 seconds, and the duration: 1hour, the following is a live video.


3.To have the effect of star trail movement, you can put the captured video into Premiere Pro, add the afterimage effect, and set the afterimage effect parameters:
Afterimage time (seconds): -0.040, Number of afterimages: 120 Initial strength: 1.00, Decay: 1.00, Afterimage operator: Maximum value. After setting these values, you can get a video with the star trail effect.

 I hope everyone can make good use of the action camera in your hands.